Themed Musical Evenings in Dubai

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Themed Musical Evenings in Dubai

Themed Musical Evenings in Dubai

With the busy lives you lead, you rarely find the time to have a night out where you could keep the stress aside and really enjoy the ambience and finesse of a chic lounge or restaurant. Regular evenings listening to great music and enjoying mouth-watering food with your peers beside you have now completely been replaced by work nights and work dinners.

Not only do we provide you delectable food but our lounge provides you with the unique chance of watching bands and artists perform live with emotional and electrifying energy and passion! This is not only a great opportunity to meet singers that you are fans of in person but it could also be an opportunity to meet artists before they become infamous and you having to actually pay for a concert of theirs if you want to see them perform later on.

Our lounge has a regulated schedule which allows you to plan your outing accordingly so that you could pick from an assortment of musical evenings to suit your taste in music along with the genre and artist. Each day of the week will provide you with a different band or singer.

On Mondays, our music lounge in Dubai offers a mesmerizing evening accompanied by jazz music performed by the Afif Brothers. Not only is jazz music unique in its own way, but its afro-American roots and the use of the saxophone in most of its tunes essentially contribute to make music a rare yet wonderful experience. The ability to enjoy the instruments in its unplugged character is not a very common chance and being constantly exposed to DJ music and recorded music, our live music theme is sure to lift up your spirits!

Levantine Night offered on Tuesday evenings are truly an authentic gist of Lebanese music. Not only is this perfect for those of you who are looking to experience music of other origins but is also a great opportunity for you to enjoy music performed live by The Levantine Trio.

If you’ve been on the constant lookout for classical rock music, or reggae performed live while being able to enjoy your favourite tapas, Wednesdays and Thursdays are just right for you. We offer the most premium international beverages along with a mixture of neo-soul, funk and rock music for your entertainment.

If you’re looking for an exceptional and culturally themed night, Saturday evenings are ideal for you as our lounge hosts the most extravagant Salsa nights, accompanied by Cuban music and dancing all night long.

Each night of the week has thus been organized in a way in which you’ll be exposed to new genres and trends of music, and you are sure to not be disappointed!

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